It's Wannabe Street's first birthday!

01 Oct

So it’s been a full year since Wannabe Street was launched!

During that time we have hosted over 44 weekly sessions with over 450 Wannabe’s attending, a festival with 3 sessions attended by over 100 children as well as multiple birthday parties, weddings and christenings.

We added in 2 new areas and some additional toys’ this year, the vets and the baby sensory area as well as the craft and blocks tables.

When we came up with this idea, it was always for a bit of fun whilst entertaining our children on a Friday, it was the perfect opportunity to work as well as raise our boys.

We never expected the level of interest that we have seen!

Wannabe Street now has over 350 followers on Facebook who are regularly updated with our news and events.

As we move into year 2, we are hoping to bring you some exciting new plans!

Wannabe Street will soon be teaming up with a location in Eastleigh to offer a full party package that includes; invites, party bags, 1 hour 30 mins of play time and hall hire.

Please follow our Facebook page @wannabestreet if you don’t already for regular updates.

We look forward to what our 2nd year brings and hope to see you at one of our sessions soon!

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